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Online First Aid Course

Contact 0800 485 475 or email info@tripleonecare.co.nz to register and recieve your TOOL key!

First aid has traditionally been taught in a classroom style but at Triple One Care we know that people learn in different ways and at different speeds. This course has been designed so that you can complete it at your own pace, in your own time. Not only will you learn more effectively but you will also have more fun learning.

The course has two components:

1.       A first aid theory "Online" Component (reference is the "Triple One Care" online first aid book)
2.       A first aid practical and assessment Component    

The online course addresses the theory and works very simply. There are seven modules and at the beginning of each is a teaching session. Read through the information (refer to the online first aid book) and when you have learnt it you are ready to complete the assessment. With the exception of the first two modules the initial questions are based on how you would respond to real life first aid situations. You have to get them all correct but do not worry, if you make a mistake you are allowed to try again (remember our goal is to help you learn).

After the scenario questions you will be presented with a number of random questions (multiple choice, true/false etc) based on the module you have just studied (this is also the format for all of the questions in modules one and two). You need to get 80% correct to pass the module and move onto the next - if you do not achieve this then you will be asked to start the whole module again. After you have completed all seven modules there is a final assessment which tests you on the entire course and also has an 80% pass mark.

If you are new to first aid, the theory course will take about six hours but remember - you do not have to do the theory all in one go (indeed a module a day is probably the fastest you would want to complete to maximise your learning). You can come and go as you please with this theory component so if you are interrupted just log out and log back in when you have more time. Triple One Care's  free online First Aid Book is the reference to this course and each course module will indicate the recommended pages to read in the First Aid Book.

You must complete the online course before you can participate in the practical course and we recommend that you aim to finish it at least a week before your practical training session. We will monitor your progress while you are completing the online course and will contact you if we feel that you are at risk of running out of time. If you have any questions while working on the course you can e-mail us using the contacts screen and we will endeavour to answer you within 24 hours.

Once you have completed your theory course you are ready for your practical session. Contact us on 0800 487 475 or email info@tripleonecare.co.nz, if you have not already booked your practical session. At this session you will meet with a Triple One trainer who will be able to answer any questions that you have as a result of the theory course (remember to write them down as you think of them!) and will then demonstrate a number of techniques - recovery positions, bandaging, spinal immobilisation and resuscitation.  Following the successful completion of both components you will be a qualified first aider.

First aid is a serious subject but learning can be (and should be) fun and rewarding - enjoy the modules, share the knowledge with your family and friends and benefit from the increased confidence that the course will give you.

Payment is collected at the practical session

Full Course  $161.00  Payment is for both components of the course.

Refresher Course $92.00  Payment is for both components of the course. A current First Aid certificate is required at the start of the Practical component as evidence of currency

a.    If a participant does not finish the whole course within 90 days (they will get electronic reminders) their Registration "TOOL" Key will “Log Off”.  Re-activation will require the purchase (full cost) of another TOOL Registration Key.
b.    Once a participant books into a Practical Course - the placement on the course is “locked in”.  Changing a Practical Course booking has a $60.00 Booking Fee associated.
c.     As the practical course is only 4 hours for the full course or 3 hours for the refresher, the venue doors close when the course starts and late participants cannot enter.  Re-booking is required and a Booking Fee applies.

d.    Participants have the right to re-assess should they not achieve the pass rate criteria.  After the 2nd attempt participants are required to re-enroll and complete the full course again with associated full course costs.
e.    Participants will receive an alternative option to complete the course should TOC cancel a Practical Session due to circumstances beyond their control.
Any inquiries please contact tool@tripleonecare.co.nz

All the best, and good luck


The Triple One Care Team